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NetEqualizer 1000
1u shown from the back, 14" depth
2 Mbps, 10 Mbps and 45 Mbps

NetEqualizer appliances are bandwidth shaping systems designed for voice and data networks. NetEqualizer is plug-and-play and installs in minutes. NetEqualizer appliances automatically shape traffic based on built-in fairness rules. This approach allows network administrators and operators to quickly and easily bring network traffic into balance without having to change the existing network infrastructure.

NetEqualizer's built-in rules-based, application-level traffic-shaping technology dynamically controls traffic based on current network usage. When the network is congested, the fairness algorithm favors business class applications, including VoIP, Web browsing, chat and email, at the expense of large file downloads. This approach allows network managers to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction without having to purchase additional bandwidth.

All settings can be changed in real-time, with no affect on network service quality. In addition, NetEqualizer enables the ability to give priority to traffic for hosts that are not to be shaped. 

For voice customers, NetEqualizer has the ability to provide priority for all major IP PBX products.

NetEqualizer is available in a range of configurations from 2Mbps up to 155Mbps

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