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Extensive Networks,
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This product will control bandwidth costs for Hotels and Restaurants that are increasingly offering free wireless Internet access to their customers. It should be an essential piece of gear. 
Saad Khan
Head of IT Department
IHTTI School of Hotel Management

The NetEqualizer technology did everything as advertised. Our first installation cleared up network traffic nicely and immediately improving QoS for the important users. We plan to roll it out on a series of network installs for our corporate clients.
Rodney Rees Senior Design Engineer
Pathfinders Co Inc / Web-Runner Internet Services Division
Abilene Texas

We purchased and installed the NetEqualizer and it immediately cleaned up our network traffic, we have not had any bandwidth contention since, well worth the investment.
Doug Williams
Rural Broadband

This product has saved my network.
Penny Rand

I was positively surprised by the ease of use and the performance! As we are a small ISP/community network in Amsterdam this might become a killer-application to satisfy our customers and save money in the same time... high guaranteed speed with less bandwidth to buy....


... worked wonderfully for keeping our traffic balanced and under control during the 3 day Webbit expo, this was on a 34mbit trunk with 1200 users.
Trnepal Webbit Network Adminstrator

It worked great for bringing our massive p2p traffic under control. I was slack jaw amazed in fact!
Price Hall Network Adminstrator for Western Georgia State (8,000 users)

... seems to be the answer to countless hours spent by us trying to find something that would limit bandwidth without costing us a fortune or taking us hours to install. ... low maintenance and very easy to use.
Eli Riles, Network Adminstrator, Ultimate Information Systems.

VERY, very impressed with your product. Great stuff!
Gavin Young Systems Administrator

Great job on this software. It is going to enable us to allow burstable service instead of limiting each user to a predefined pipe.
Steve Dietzel Northcc.net

... performing very well under test and in our installed field trials.
Christophe Ansel
Network Specialist